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Professional Land Surveying


The Taxpayer primarily engages in surveying for road construction contractors. The Taxpayer failed to keep up with the changes to Section 7-9-43, which was amended in 1992 to require that sellers claiming deductions which require nontaxable transaction certificates obtain the new 1992 series nttcs and have them in their possession at the time they file returns claiming deductions based upon the nttcs. Upon audit, the Department denied claimed deductions for failure to have the new nttcs in its possession at the time the deductions were claimed. The Taxpayer claimed that it was impossible for small taxpayers to keep up with the statutory changes and that it should be allowed the deductions claimed even though it did not have the required nttcs because the transactions otherwise met the statutory criteria for deduction. Held: statutory requirements cannot be waived by the Department or its Hearing Officer. Protest denied.