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Property Tax Overview

The Property Tax Division helps local governments in the administration and collection of ad valorem taxes in the State of New Mexico.

Property taxes contribute a large portion of revenue to New Mexico’s local governments and schools annually.

Three bureaus make up PTD: Appraisal Bureau, Delinquent Property Tax Bureau and State Assessed Property Bureau.
Our main responsibilities are to:

  • assure that county assessors implement and comply with applicable statutes, rules and regulations;
  • establish evaluation criteria and procedures to monitor each county assessor’s performance;
  • appraise and review estimates of real property values in transactions for counties, schools, municipalities and other state agencies;
  • appraise and issue notices of valuation for state-assessed properties, and
  • collect delinquent real property taxes, penalties, interest and costs by working with delinquent taxpayers through installment agreements and ultimately listing properties for public auction sales.

We also promote equity and uniformity in assessments through education and training.