Filing Requirements

Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return Filing

If you are a business, you must annually file Form CIT-1, New Mexico Corporate Income and Franchise Tax Return. The return is due on the 15th day of the fourth month following the close of the tax year.

Fiscal year and short year returns must be filed using the form for the tax year in which the fiscal or short year begins. For example, use a 2010 return for fiscal years or short years beginning in 2010, even if the fiscal year or short year ends in 2011.

If your business does not file a federal Corporate Income Tax Return, New Mexico may require you to file one of the following forms instead:

  • New Mexico Income and Information Return for Pass-Through Entities (PTE);
  • New Mexico Personal Income Tax Return (PIT-1), or
  • New Mexico Fiduciary Income Tax Return (FID-1).


FYI-106: Claiming Business-Related Tax Credits for Individuals and Businesses
FYI-350: Corporate Income Tax and Corporate Franchise Tax

Corporate Income Tax Forms