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Reporting methods & requirements

Electronic reporting

The New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Unclaimed Property will no longer accept electronic media this includes USB and compact disks.  We encourage all holders to file online at https://holdernm.unclaimedproperty.com/Effective July 1, 2006, all reports containing more than 25 properties must be submitted electronically.  For more information about electronic reporting, please call (505)827-0668 or visit or email unclaimed.property@tax.nm.gov.

NM Holder Manual

Manual reporting

A holder with fewer than 25 properties to report may file using the form RPD-41201 and RPD-41202. When reporting on paper form, type or print all information clearly or the form will be returned as incomplete.

New! If filing online at https://holdernm.unclaimedproperty.com/ you are now able to file your payment via ACH.

If paying by paper check please make your check payable to “New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Unclaimed Property” for the total amount listed on your Unclaimed Property report.  Your remittance must be in U.S Currency, Foreign Currency cannot be accepted.

Method of payment

Make all checks payable to “New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, Unclaimed Property Office” for the total amount listed on the Unclaimed Property Report. Your remittance must be in U.S. currency. Foreign currency cannot be accepted.

To report the kinds of properties listed below, follow the directions and see the examples:


Securities include stock certificates, government bonds, interest coupons, etc. When describing securities-related properties, include the registered owners’ names, issuing companies, and number of shares.

At least two days prior to delivery, email an intent to deliver property to our custodian at:  upch.custody@avenuinsights.com.

All DTC (Depository Trust Company) -eligible shares must be delivered through DTC at the below instructions or via Direct Registration System (DRS). 

Nominee Name: Land of Enchantment & Co.
FEIN# 30-0187546
DTC Participant # 901
Agent Bank # 26500
Account # 822472 

Register Dividend Reinvestment Plan Shares, Book Entry Shares or Direct Registration Shares as shown in the following example:

Nominee Name: Land of Enchantment & Co.
FEIN# 30-0187546
c/o Avenu Insights & Analytics
100 Hancock St. 10th Floor
Quincy, MA 02171

*Please set up DRP account to allow dividends to be paid in cash.

For your report to be complete, a confirmation statement showing Hare & Co. as the owner of the shares must accompany your Report of Unclaimed Property.

If the security is not DTC eligible and a physical certificate is the only mechanism for delivery, the holder must obtain approval from our custodian, Avenu Insights & Analytics, prior to sending.  A request can be sent to upch.custody@avenuinsights.com.  All physical certificates must be registered as follows: 

Nominee Name: HARE & CO FBO State of New Mexico
FEIN# 13-6062916
c/o DTC BNY Mellon/Branch Deposit Dept A/C 822472 – State of New Mexico
570 Washington Blvd 5th Floor

Jersey City, NJ 07310

Register and deliver Physical Certificates: Deliver a photocopy of the certificate with your report and send the original certificate to our custodian. Certificates registered incorrectly will be returned to you for re-registration, and your report will be incomplete.

For Open-End Mutual Funds, fund account numbers must be obtained from our Custodian in advance in order to affect the transfer.  Contact our Custodian at upch.custody@avenuinsights.com at least five business days prior to the transfer to obtain.  The accounts should be registered as follows:

Nominee Name:  MAC & CO FBO State of New Mexico

Account # 822472

FEIN# 23-6019000

500 Grant Street Room 151-1010

Pittsburgh, PA  15219-2502

Interested party statements for Open-End Mutual Funds should be sent to:

Avenu Insights & Analytics

C/O Custody Department

100 Hancock Street, 10th Floor

Quincy MA  02171