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Employment Enhancement Tax Credits

New Mexico has a number of tax credits that you can qualify for by making adding employees in the State.

This page summarizes the tax credits available in this category and gives links to forms. For these tax credits, there are additional qualifications to the ones listed below. To get more specific information about qualifying and applying for each credit please see FYI-106 Claiming Business-Related Tax Credits for Individuals and Businesses.

Corporate-Supported Child Care – for a corporation that provides or pays for licensed child care services for employees’ children under 12 years of age. Download CIT-3, New Mexico Corporate Child Care Credit to see the form.

High-Wage Jobs – for creating high-wage jobs in New Mexico. Download RPD-41288, Application for High-Wage Jobs Tax Credit to see the application. Download RPD-41376, High-Wage Jobs Employee Eligibility Detail Report to see the eligibility certificate. Download RPD-41290, High-Wage Jobs Tax Credit Claim Form to see the claim form.

Investment – for purchasing equipment introduced into New Mexico for use in a new or expanded manufacturing operation. Download RPD-41167, Application for New Mexico Investment Credit to see the application. Download RPD-41168, Application for New Mexico Investment Credit, Schedule A  to see Schedule A. Download RPD-41212, Investment Credit Claim Form to see the claim form.

Job Mentorship – for businesses that hire students in a school-sanctioned, -preparation education program. Businesses must employ students attending an accredited New Mexico secondary school full time. Download RPD-41279, Job Mentorship Tax Credit Certificate Request Form to see the request form. Download RPD-41281, Job Mentorship Tax Credit Claim to see the claim form and Schedule A. Click Job Mentorship Tax Credit Instructions to see instructions.

Rural Jobs – for employers who are approved by the Economic Development Department for a Job Training Incentive Program (JTIP) and who creates qualified jobs after July 1, 2000, in an area of low population density. Download RPD-41238, Application for Rural Job Tax Credit to see the claim form. Download RPD-41243, Rural Job Tax Credit Claim Form to see the application. Download RPD-41247, Certificate of Eligibility for the Rural Job Tax Credit to see the eligibility certificate.

Technology Jobs – for employers with qualified research and development expenditures made prior to January 1, 2016.  Download RPD-41244, Technology Jobs Tax Credit Claim Form to see the claim form and carry forward any unused credit amounts in subsequent periods.

Welfare-to-Work – for qualified employers who are approved for the New Mexico Welfare-to-Work credit under the laws existing prior to January 1, 2008. This program is administered by the Department of Workforce Solutions. Please contact that agency for requirements and certification.