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Effective Reporting

The more information we receive with your report reduces the need for us to contact you for additional information.

Be sure to include all known identifiers such as Social Security or Tax ID numbers, birth dates, policy, and bank account or check numbers. Include zip codes and double-check state abbreviations.

Click on RPD-41200, Unclaimed Property Report, Holder’s Filing Kit below to see the reporting form and instructions.

Forms for Holders of Unclaimed Property

To assist property holders in fulfilling their reporting requirements, we have a repository of forms you will need to complete. Forms for reporting unclaimed property being held are available.

The Unclaimed Property Office is available to help you with special reporting problems. When you have questions, please call or write for assistance.

For general information on unclaimed property, see the https://unclaimed.org/ website.

To access specific forms, click on the particular item: