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  2. Monthly Local Government Distributions (RP500)

Monthly Local Government Distributions (RP500)

Definitions and field descriptions for Monthly Local Government Distribution Reports (RP-500) are available for download below.

Note: Tax collections are distributed the 2nd month after the accrual (business activity) month.
For example, the file “RP500-200310 (Sep 2003 Accrual)” reflects business activity in September 2003; the collection month was October (tax returns were due by October 25th), and these collections were distributed in November.

To access your Business Tax/Historical CRS ACH Distribution Report, select a report below. Once the file is open, use the down arrow on the tool bar at the top of the screen to navigate to the letter that applies to your local government.

Note: If having issues downloading files – right click > open link in new tab.


Business Activity (sales)
Reporting and Collection Month
Distribution Month
Monthly Local Government Distribution Reports (RP-500)
Monthly Combined Reporting System (CRS) – Automated Clearing House (ACH) Distribution Reports
April May June RP500-202404(April 2024 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0524
March April May RP500-202403(March 2024 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0424
February March April RP500-202402(February 2024 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0324
January February March RP500-202401(January 2024 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0224
December January February RP500-202312(December 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0124
November December January RP500-202311(November 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1223
October November December RP500-202310(October 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1123
September October November RP500-202309(September 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1023
August September October RP500-202308(August 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0923
July August September RP500-202307(July 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0823
June July August RP500-202306(June 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0723
May June July RP500-202305(May 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0623
April May June RP500-202304(April 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0523
March April May RP500-202303(March 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0423
February March April RP500-202302(February 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0323
January February March RP500-202301(January 2023 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0223
December January February RP500-202212(December 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0123
November December January RP500-202211(November 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1222
October November December RP500-202210(October 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1122
September October November RP500-202209(September 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1022
August September October RP500-202208(August 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0922
July August September RP500-202207(July 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0822
June July August RP500-202206(June 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0722
May June July RP500-202205(May 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0622
April May June RP500-202204(April 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0522
March April May RP500-202203(March 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0422
February March April RP500-202202(February 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0322
January February March RP500-202201(January 2022 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0222
December January February RP500-202112(December 2021 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0122
November December January RP500-202111(November 2021 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1221
October November December RP500-202110(October 2021 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1121
September October November RP500-202109(September 2021 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-1021
August September October RP500-202108(August 2021 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0921
July August September RP500-202107(July 2021 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0821
June July August RP500-202106(June 2021 Accrual) BusinessTax-ACH-Dist-0721
May June July RP500-202105(May 2021 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0621
April May June RP500-202104(April 2021 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0521
March April May RP500-202103(March 2021 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0421
February March April RP500-202102(February 2021 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0321
January February March RP500-202101(January 2021 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0221
December January February RP500-202012(December 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0121
November December January RP500-202011(November 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1220
October November December RP500-202010(October 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1120
September October November RP500-202009(September 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1020
August September October RP500-202008(August 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0920
July August September RP500-202007(July 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0820
June July August RP500-202006(June 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0720
May June July RP500-202005(May 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0620
April May June RP500-202004(April 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0520
March April May RP500-202003(March 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0420
February March April RP500-202002(February 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0320
January February March RP500-202001(January 2020 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0220
December January February RP500-201912(December 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0120
November December January RP500-201911(November 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1219
October November December RP500-201910(October 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1119
September October November RP500-201909(September 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1019
August September October RP500-201908(August 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0919
July August September RP500-201907(July 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0819
June July August RP500-201906(June 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0719
May June July RP500-201905(May 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0619
April May June RP500-201904(April 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0519
March April May RP500-201903(March 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0419
February March April RP500-201902(February 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0319
January February March RP500-201901(January 2019 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0219
December January February RP500-201812(December 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0119
November December January RP500-201811(November 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1218
October November December RP500-201810(October 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1118
September October November RP500-201809(September 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1018
August September October RP500-201808(August 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0918
July August September RP500-201807(July 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0818
June July August
RP500-201806(June 2018 Accrual)
May June July RP500-201805(May 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0618
April May June RP500-201804(April 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0518
March April May RP500-201803(March 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0418
February March April RP500-201802(February 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0318
January February March RP500-201801(January 2018 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0218
December January February RP500-201712(December 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0118
November December January RP500-201711(November 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1217
October November December RP500-201710(October 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1117
September October November RP500-201709(September 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1017
August September October RP500-201708(August 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0917
July August September RP500-201707(July 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0817
June July August RP500-201706(June 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0717
May June July RP500-201705(Mayl 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0617
April May June RP500-201704(April 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0517
March April May RP500-201703(March 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0417
February March April RP500-201702(February 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0317
January February March RP500-201701(January 2017 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0217
December January February RP500-201612(December 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0117
November December January RP500-201611(November 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1216
October November December RP500-201610(October 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1116
September October November RP500-201609(September 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1016
August September October RP500-201608(August 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0916
July August September RP500-201607(July 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0816
June July August RP500-201606(June 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0716
May June July RP500-201605(May 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0616
April May June RP500-201604(April 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0516
March April May RP500-201603(March 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0416
February March April RP500-201602(February 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0316
January February March RP500-201601(January 2016 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0216
December January February RP500-201512(December 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0116
November December January RP500-201512(November 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1215
October November December RP500-201511(October 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1115
September October November RP500-201510(September 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1015
August September October RP500-201509(August 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0915
July August September RP500-201508(July 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0815
June July August RP500-201507(June 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0715
May June July RP500-201506(May 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0615
April May June RP500-201505(April 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0515
March April May RP500-201504(March 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0415
February March April RP500-201503(February 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0315
January February March RP500-201502(January 2015 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0215
December January February RP500-201401(December 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0115
November December January RP500-201412(November 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1214
October November December RP500-201411(October 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1114
September October November RP500-201410(September 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1014
August September October RP500-201409(August 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0914
July August September RP500-201408(July 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0814
June July August RP500-201407(June 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0714
May June July RP500-201406(May 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0614
April May June RP500-201405(Apr 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0514
March April May RP500-201404(Mar 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0414
February March April RP500-201403(Feb 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0314
January February March RP500-201402(Jan 2014 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0214
December January February RP500-201401(Dec 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0114
November December January RP500-201312 (Nov 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1213
October November December RP500-201311 (Oct 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1113
September October November RP500-201310 (Sep 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1013
August September October RP500-201309 (Aug 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0913
July August September RP500-201308 (July 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0813
June July August RP500-201307 (June 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0713
May June July RP500-201306 (May 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0613
April May June RP500-201305 (Apr 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0513
March April May RP500-201304 (Mar 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0413
February March April RP500-201303 (Feb 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0313
January February March RP500-201302 (Jan 2013 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0213
December January February RP500-201301 (Dec 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0113
November December January RP500-201212 (Nov 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1212
October November December RP500-201211 (Oct 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1112
September October November RP500-201210 (Sep 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1012
August September October RP500-201209 (Aug 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0912
July August September RP500-201208 (July 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0812
June July August RP500-201207 (Jun 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0712
May June July RP500-201206 (May 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0612
April May June RP500-201205 (Apr 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0512
March April May RP500-201204 (Mar 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0412
February March April RP500-201203 (Feb 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0312
January February March RP500-201202 (Jan 2012 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0212
December January February RP500-201201 (Dec 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0112
November December January RP500-201112 (Nov 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1211
October November December RP500-201111 (Oct 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1111
September October November RP500-201110 (Sep 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1011
August September October RP500-201109 (Aug 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0911
July August September RP500-201108 (Jul 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0811
June July August RP500-201107 (Jun 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0711
May June July RP500-201106 (May 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0611
April May June RP500-201105 (Apr 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0511
March April May RP500-201104 (Mar 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0411
February March April RP500-201103 (Feb 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0311
January February March RP500-201102 (Jan 2011 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0211
December January February RP500-201101 (Dec 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0111
November December January RP500-201012 (Nov 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1210
October November December RP500-201011 (Oct 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1110
September October November RP500-201010 (Sep 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1010
August September October RP500-201009 (Aug 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0910
July August September RP500-201008 (Jul 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0810
June July August RP500-201007 (Jun 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0710
May June July RP500-201006 (May 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0610
April May June RP500-201005 (Apr 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0510
March April May RP500-201004 (Mar 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0410
February March April RP500-201003 (Feb 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0310
January February March RP500-201002 (Jan 2010 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0210
December January February RP500-201001 (Dec 2009 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0110
November December January RP500-200912 (Nov 2009 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1209
October November December RP500-200911 (Oct 2009 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1109
September October November RP500-200910 (Sep 2009 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-1009
August September October RP500-200909 (Aug 2009 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0909
July August September RP500-200908 (Jul 2009 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0809
June July August RP500-200907 (Jun 2009 Accrual) CRS-ACH-DIST-0709
May June July RP500-200906 (May 2009 Accrual)
April May June RP500-200905 (Apr 2009 Accrual)
March April May RP500-200904 (Mar 2009 Accrual)
February March April RP500-200903 (Feb 2009 Accrual)
January February March RP500-200902 (Jan 2009 Accrual)
December January February RP500-200901 (Dec 2008 Accrual)
November December January RP500-200812 (Nov 2008 Accrual)
October November December RP500-200811 (Oct 2008 Accrual)
September October November RP500-200810 (Sep 2008 Accrual)
August September October RP500-200809 (Aug 2008 Accrual)
July August September RP500-200808 (Jul 2008 Accrual)
June July August RP500-200807 (Jun 2008 Accrual)
May June July RP500-200806 (May 2008 Accrual)
April May June RP500-200805 (Apr 2008 Accrual)
March April May RP500-200804 (Mar 2008 Accrual)
February March April RP500-200803 (Feb 2008 Accrual)
January February March RP500-200802 (Jan 2008 Accrual)
December January February RP500-200801 (Dec 2007 Accrual)
November December January RP500-200712 (Nov 2007 Accrual)
October November December RP500-200711 (Oct 2007 Accrual)
September October November RP500-200710 (Sep 2007 Accrual)
August September October RP500-200709 (Aug 2007 Accrual)
July August September RP500-200708 (Jul 2007 Accrual)
June July August RP500-200707 (Jun 2007 Accrual)
May June July RP500-200706 (May 2007 Accrual)
April May June RP500-200705 (Apr 2007 Accrual)
March April May RP500-200704 (Mar 2007 Accrual)
February March April RP500-200703 (Feb 2007 Accrual)
January February March RP500-200702 (Jan 2007 Accrual)
December January February RP500-200701 (Dec 2006 Accrual)
November December January RP500-200612 (Nov 2006 Accrual)
October November December RP500-200611 (Oct 2006 Accrual)
September October November RP500-200610 (Sep 2006 Accrual)
August September October RP500-200609 (Aug 2006 Accrual)
July August September RP500-200608 (Jul 2006 Accrual)
June July August RP500-200607 (Jun 2006 Accrual)
May June July RP500-200606 (May 2006 Accrual)
April May June RP500-200605 (Apr 2006 Accrual)
March April May RP500-200604 (Mar 2006 Accrual)
February March April RP500-200603 (Feb 2006 Accrual)
January February March RP500-200602 (Jan 2006 Accrual)
December January February RP500-200601 (Dec 2005 Accrual)
November December January RP500-200512 (Nov 2005 Accrual)
October November December RP500-200511 (Oct 2005 Accrual)
September October November RP500-200510 (Sep 2005 Accrual)
August September October RP500-200509 (Aug 2005 Accrual)
July August September RP500-200508 (Jul 2005 Accrual)
June July August RP500-200507 (Jun 2005 Accrual)
May June July RP500-200506 (May 2005 Accrual)
April May June RP500-200505 (Apr 2005 Accrual)
March April May RP500-200504 (Mar 2005 Accrual)
February March April RP500-200503 (Feb 2005 Accrual)
January February March RP500-200502 (Jan 2005 Accrual)
December January February RP500-200501 (Dec 2004 Accrual)
November December January RP500-200412 (Nov 2004 Accrual)
October November December RP500-200411 (Oct 2004 Accrual)
September October November RP500-200410 (Sep 2004 Accrual)
August September October RP500-200409 (Aug 2004 Accrual)
July August September RP500-200408 (Jul 2004 Accrual)
June July August RP500-200407 (Jun 2004 Accrual)
May June July RP500-200406 (May 2004 Accrual)
April May June RP500-200405 (Apr 2004 Accrual)
March April May RP500-200404 (Mar 2004 Accrual)
February March April RP500-200403 (Feb 2004 Accrual)
January February March RP500-200402 (Jan 2004 Accrual)
December January February RP500-200401 (Dec 2003 Accrual)
November December January RP500-200312 (Nov 2003 Accrual)
October November December RP500-200311 (Oct 2003 Accrual)
September October November RP500-200310 (Sep 2003 Accrual)