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Holders Overview

The statute governing handling of unclaimed property in New Mexico is the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, (Sections 7-8A-1 through 7-8A-31 NMSA 1978).

In New Mexico, holders of unclaimed properties have responsibilities that include:

  • Providing your federal tax identification number, address, and contact information;retaining records;
  • Attempting to contact the property owner;
  • Avoid combining supplemental reports with previously reported accounts;
  • When using computer listings instead of the approved reporting forms, the lists must be in the same format as the forms, containing all required columns and fields; and
  • Filing electronically using NAUPA II format, whenever possible. All reports containing more than 25 properties must be submitted in electronic format.

To obtain software, go to www.wagers.net and download Pro-Reporting Software. Send the file on a compact disk or a 3.5 inch diskette.

You may:

  • photocopy reporting forms, if you need additional forms,
  • and report individual owner accounts of less than $50 as aggregate.

If you wish to avoid our contacting you each time an owner files a claim for under $50, you may want to list each individual separately.Please review RPD-41200, Unclaimed Property Report, Holder’s Filing Kit for specific unclaimed property holder responsibilities.