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Register / Close a Corporation

Information about registering or closing your corporation.

Corporations are required to have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). If your corporation has gross receipts, compensating or withholding tax to report, you are also required to obtain a Business Tax Identification Number (BTIN). More information is available on the Who Must Register page of this website. You may also be required to register your corporation with the Secretary of State (SOS).

Other Registration Requirements

In addition to registering with the Taxation and Revenue Department, you may need to consult various regulatory agencies, professional licensing boards, or local authorities. Please see the list of other agencies on pages 5  and 6 of FYI-102, Information for New Businesses.

Closing Your Corporation

To close a corporation with an active BTIN please review the “close your business” instructions here.,

You must file a final corporate income tax return with Taxation and Revenue when your annual income tax return is due.

If you are dissolving a corporation or withdrawing from doing business in New Mexico, you should request a Corporate Certificate of No Tax Due and contact the Secretary of State (SOS).

Purchasers or Lessees

If you are a purchaser or lessee and therefore a successor in business of a business, license, or permit, you may request a Certificate of No Tax Due to ensure that you are not liable for any taxes due to TRD by the seller or lessor. A Request for Tax Clearance or Letter of Good Standing can be downloaded by completing form ACD-31096 Tax Clearance Request.