Solar Energy Improvement Special Assessment

The board of county commissioners of a county may provide by ordinance for a solar energy improvement special assessment on a residential or commercial property within the boundaries of the county if the owner of the property requests it. The purpose is to increase access to the benefits of solar technology improvements by participation in a voluntary special assessment on property, which can be used to facilitate financing for eligible solar energy improvements (Section 4-55C-3 NMSA 1978).

The county treasurer must include the solar energy improvement special assessment in the property tax bill for the property that is subject to the assessment and must collect the assessment at the same time and in the same manner as property taxes.

Proceeds from the solar energy improvement special assessment are disbursed by the county treasurer to financing institutions with which the county treasurer has entered into agreements for providing financing to property owners for solar energy improvements. Check with your local County Commission to see if they have enacted an ordinance that grants the credit.

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