Delinquent Property Tax

Where are delinquent property tax auctions held?

Delinquent Property Tax Delinquent property tax auctions are held at the county seat (courthouse) or at a place the Taxation and Revenue Department (TRD) designates in the county where the property is located. The Property Tax Division (PTD) strongly urges all...

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Where can I find copies of sale lists?

Delinquent Property Tax Upon completion of all preliminary statutory requirements to properly offer delinquent property for sale, a list of eligible properties is available at PTD in the Wendell Chino Bldg, 1220 St. Francis Dr., 2nd Floor, Rm. 207, Santa Fe, NM 87505....

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How can a buyer bid on property offered at tax sales?

Individuals who wish to bid on property register on the day of the sale two hours before the start of the auction. Registration closes promptly at the start of the sale. Bidding is on an oral basis with the property going to the highest bidder. Bidders must be...

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