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Governmental gross receipts tax applies only to:

  • The sale of tangible personal property other than water from f... Read More

First: If you are covered by the workers' compensation law, you are required to obtain workers' compen... Read More

If you have paid to travel through New Mexico, you may deduct the miles paid for at the port of entry and reta... Read More

You can pick up cigarette stamps or they may be shipped using UPS, Fed-Ex or the United States Postal Service.... Read More

If you have pre-approval (requires a surety bond) from the Department, you may pay by the 25th of the month fo... Read More

Orders received after 2:00 p.m. are processed the next business day.

Compensating tax helps to eliminate unfair competition from out-of-state businesses. It levels the playing fie... Read More

No, New Mexico’s compensating tax is our form of “use tax,” a term used in most other states... Read More

Under certain circumstances, persons selling property or a combination of property and service to someone enga... Read More

Report compensating tax on Line 2 of the CRS-1 Form. Multiply the value of the taxable property or service by ... Read More

Amend the CRS-1 Form for that period. Send the amended CRS-1 Form to the Department with the additional tax du... Read More

The use of property by a government agency is exempt from compensating tax (Section 7-9-14(A) NMSA 1978) with ... Read More

The rate of tax is nineteen-hundredths percent (.19%) of the taxable value of sold products.

The tax is due on the 25th day of the month following the month of production unless otherwise authorized by t... Read More

No, as an insurance company or reciprocal or underinsurance exchange that already pays a premium tax to New Me... Read More

No, as a 501(c) Homeowners Association, you are not required to file a New Mexico CIT return unless you have u... Read More

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