Non-Taxable Transaction Certificates

Can I request NTTC’s Online?

Yes. As a registered New Mexico gross receipts taxpayer, you can obtain, execute and record the use of NTTCs through Taxpayer Access Point. To contact persons who can assist you with this online program, please click the Contact Us button. You may use NTTC-NET to make...

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How do I deliver an NTTC to a vendor?

Complete an NTTC form by entering the required information about the vendor to whom the NTTC is to be delivered. An NTTC may not be executed by anyone other than the person to whom TRD has issued it. You may complete an NTTC either online or by means of a paper NTTC...

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Can I make photocopies of my NTTC’s?

An NTTC may be copied only: By TRD or, on TRD’s request, by the person to whom the NTTC has been issued or to the seller or lessor who has accepted the NTTC for audit, tax compliance or tax administration purposes; By the person to whom TRD has issued the NTTC for...

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