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How Can I Cancel Recurring Payments?

To cancel scheduled recurring payments, log into your Taxpayer Access Point account. Under the “More” header on the “Payments and Returns” tile, select “Manage Payments & Returns.” Select the specific account type or select all.

 Under the “Show” section, select “Payments” on the first drop-down line and “Pending” on the second. This will provide you with a list of your scheduled recurring payments (payments that have not been processed yet). To cancel a payment, select the blue link for the listed payment. You will be able to view the payment details (such as payment scheduled date and amount) on this page.

 Once you verify this is the payment you would like to remove, select “Cancel.” The location of the “Cancel” option will vary depending on your screen configuration but is generally located in the payment summary (header) to the right or just below the payment amount.