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Will this do anything to make it easier to get a refund?

Improvements are being made to the Taxpayer Access Point will make filing amended returns and refund requests simpler and clearer.

Often, taxpayers are unaware that in addition to filing an amended return or multiple amended returns, they must also submit a request for a refund.

When a taxpayer logs onto the Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) to file amended returns in the future, they will do two things differently. 

  • The taxpayer will be prompted to submit documentation that supports any reduction in tax. The Department will provide better instructions as to the required documentation.  This will allow the Revenue Processing Division to take immediate action to review the return and help eliminate the “back and forth” that currently often occurs until necessary documentation is submitted.
  • Second, once the taxpayer submits an amended return and the required documentation, they will be informed about the need to submit a refund request. They also will be prompted to answer questions that will indicate if they are ready to request a refund or if they have additional amended returns to submit.  If they are ready to submit the refund request, they will be guided to the TAP refund request service.  

Also, improved automation in the GenTax system will streamline the processing of amended returns and refund requests.

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