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Notices Regarding Your Refund

There are several notices we may send to you regarding a refund.

The first is a Tax Return Adjustment Notice when a return contains an error and a correction is made. This notice advises of adjustments if there are calculation errors or an incorrect figure such as tax rate. If the adjustment results in an overpayment or an underpayment, either an overpayment notice or an assessment notice follows.

We send a Refund Denial notice when a refund is denied. The notice gives you the reason and includes information on any amount of tax that may be due. 

A Notice of Overpayment advises that we have found an overpayment with your tax return or assessment. Complete form RPD-41071, Application for Tax Refund to request a refund. If it appears that the notice is not correct and an overpayment has not been made, or the amount of the overpayment in the notice is not correct, you should follow the instructions on the notice to make the correction. 

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