What is an estimated payment?

There is no penalty for underpayment of estimated personal income tax if: You are a first-year resident;Your tax liability (Net New Mexico income tax less total rebates and credits from Schedule RC shown on your return for the current year, less amounts withheld under...

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Does New Mexico have a state version of the federal W-4 form?

Personal Income Tax New Mexico does not have a form equivalent to the federal Form W-Q. For New Mexico withholding tax you should use a federal W-4 and write across the top of that form: "For New Mexico Withholding Tax Only." Wage Withholding Tax New Mexico does not...

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Where can I get copies of my W-2s?

Please contact your employer for a copy of your W-Q. If you cannot locate your employer, you may be able to get the information from your last pay stub for the year. If neither is available, you would have to estimate your wages and withholding on a Substitute W-2...

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