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The Taxation and Revenue Department (TRD) will soon be releasing a new system to replace the current monolithic and outdated mainframe Legacy ONGARD system. The project is named the Severance Tax Replacement Project. Depending on the readiness of the oil and gas industry and the ability to coordinate its release with the normal tax cycle for all other tax programs, it is expected to be implemented between January and May 2018. Current target date for implementation of Severance Tax is March 19, 2018. The Severance Tax Replacement Project​ is taking place concurrently and in conjunction with the State Land Office’s project named the Royalty Replacement Project (RAPS). More details about RAPS will be released by the Land Office as it progresses.

The Severance Tax Replacement Project entails transferring the processing of three tax programs (Oil and Gas Production, Ad Valorem Equipment, and Natural Gas Processors taxes) from the ONGARD system to TRD’s GenTax® system which already processes taxes for 28 other programs.

The goals of the Severance Tax Replacement Project are to:

  • create, process, and validate returns, payments, and notices for OGT and NGPT;
  • provide the ability to file and pay online within the existing Tax Payer Access Point (TAP) web application;
  • better manage financial offsets;
  • better track and manage collections; and
  • process distributions more efficiently.

Among the advantages of the Severance Tax Replacement Project to the oil and gas industry, there will be:

  • less suspended lines;
  • the ability to make amendments at any time and they will be processed the evening of the day they are made;
  • additional electronic payment methods available in the existing Taxpayer Access Point (TAP) web application;
  • a reduction in the amount and types of notices;
  • the ability to check the status of accounts online and receive updates the next day following any account activities;
  • immediate feedback regarding uploaded returns; and fewer lines of data to submit.

To the citizens of New Mexico, the Severance Tax Replacement Project means revenue distributions will be updated more frequently, and less revenue will be suspended for data correction and completion.

If you have any questions regarding the Severance Tax Replacement Project, please direct them to

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