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New Mexico uses a seven-bracket, graduated-rate table ranging from 1.7% to 4.9% of taxable income.

Two situations require you to file personal income tax returns in New Mexico:

  • If you are required to file a fed... Read More

Please see the Personal Income Tax Instructions for definitions of a resident, nonresident ,first-year residen... Read More

The forms you need depend on two factors: your financial status and your residency category. Please see the Pe... Read More

In certain circumstances, you may be eligible for a credit for taxes paid to another state. Generally, this cr... Read More

Yes, but only for New Mexico state residents. The credit is based on the tax the other state imposes on the po... Read More

Yes. Active duty income earned by active duty members of the armed forces is exempt from New Mexico’s pe... Read More

Military personnel are subject to special residency rules. A person serving in the United States Armed Forces ... Read More

Yes. A refundable tax credit has been added. It totals ten percent of the federal earned income tax credit for... Read More

Yes. Depending on income level, taxpayers 65 years of age or older may be eligible for a deduction from taxabl... Read More

No, New Mexico honors any federal extension of time to file that you have. You do not need to request a separa... Read More

An extension of time to file your return does not extend the time to pay.  Interest accrues on income tax... Read More

The best way to avoid a delay in receiving your refund is to use Refund Express. The Department will deposit y... Read More

No, a taxpayer filing a New Mexico income tax return must use the same filing status for New Mexico and the IR... Read More

No, returns are mailed to:

New Mexico Tax and Revenue Department

P.O. Box 25122
Santa Fe, NM 87504-5122
Paym... Read More

Yes, for phone payments call 1-866-285-2996. Electronic payments can be made by electronic check or credit car... Read More

Yes, you can file amended returns electronically for the current year until around the middle of October.

We do not track returns as they’re received. If you sent your return electronically and received a confi... Read More

Form 1099-G is an income statement issued by the department which reports any refund, credit, carryforward, or... Read More

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