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Delinquent Property Tax

Upon completion of all preliminary statutory requirements to properly offer delinquent ... Read More

Depending on whether the county assessor agrees, there must be a bona fide primary agricultural use of the lan... Read More

As Section 7-36-16 NMSA 1978 requires, property is valued as “current and correct.”

If you bought your land in the prior year, or the property changed classification (from residential to non-res... Read More

If a qualifying applicant is 65 or older or is disabled, the value of the property cannot increase from the pr

Yes, by law you have the right to appeal. File your appeal in District Court. The appellee (the assessor or co... Read More

The owner of the mobile home is responsible for property taxes on the mobile home. The owner of the real prope... Read More

A manufactured home may be classified as a permanent structure by the assessor when:

Section 66-7-413 NMSA 1978  requires a permit from the Motor Vehicle Division before relocating the vehic... Read More

When a title transfer or change of name on a title occurs, the Motor Vehicle Division issues the new title. As... Read More

Property Tax

To collect delinquent taxes, the County Treasurer is authorized to seize a mobile home and sell it... Read More

Once the property taxes on a mobile home has become 30 days delinquent, the county treasurer may seize a mobil... Read More

The State of New Mexico is a self rendering state. According to Section 7-38-47 NMSA 1978, property taxes are ... Read More

The minimum bid is based on the amount of taxes, penalty, interest and costs due. The owner’s interest i... Read More

Delinquent mobile home tax auctions are held at the county seat (courthouse) or another place designated by th... Read More

There is no set schedule for public auctions; public auctions occur as all research is completed and all other... Read More

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