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The requirement for tax practitioners to file personal income tax returns by Department-approved electronic me... Read More

In any calendar year, tax practitioners who prepare more than twenty-five (25) New Mexico personal income tax ... Read More

An amended return does not count in reaching the threshold that mandates tax practitioners to file by Departme... Read More

The mandate applies to the person who prepares New Mexico personal income tax returns for others for compensat... Read More

A taxpayer may request a waiver of the requirement to have a return electronically filed. The taxpayer complet... Read More

If supporting back-up documentation is required and cannot be submitted electronically to the Department, then... Read More

New Mexico uses two types of bar codes on its personal income tax forms. All of the state’s principal pe... Read More

Every year New Mexico publishes a list of software developers and form vendors whom the state approves to prin... Read More

Through a cooperative federal/state e-file effort, you can transmit a federal personal income tax return and t... Read More

Prior to e-filing with the IRS, tax preparation firms must apply to be an authorized IRS e-file provider. Appl... Read More

Tax preparation firms should register for e-services and complete an IRS e-file application available at the I... Read More

Every year New Mexico publishes a list of approved fed/state software developers who have demonstrated success... Read More

The chief benefits of e-filing returns are faster refunds and fewer key-entry errors. You also save tax dollar... Read More

E-filing eliminates key-entry errors; improves customer service, reduces the number of seasonal workers, and m... Read More

Yes, there are two common errors that taxpayers and tax practitioners make when using a form with a 2D Bar Cod... Read More

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