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The oil and gas proceeds withholding tax is a withholding tax on the amount paid to nonresidents of New Mexico... Read More

Oil and gas proceeds are amounts derived from production and payable to recipients (remittees) as royalty inte... Read More

The remitter (the person, whether an individual or a business) who makes an oil and gas proceeds payment to a ... Read More

A qualified remittee is a person who receives oil and gas proceeds from New Mexico wells and who is not a resi... Read More

Withhold at the top personal income tax bracket rate, which is 4.90% of payments made after January 1, 2008. P... Read More

Acceptable proof of redistribution of oil and gas proceeds includes – but is not limited to – writ... Read More

The United States of America, the State of New Mexico and any agencies, instrumentalities or political subdivi... Read More

For tax years beginning January 1, 2011, Form RPD- 41283, Annual Summary of Oil and Gas Proceeds Withholding T... Read More

Recipients may claim the oil and gas proceeds withholding tax paid against personal or corporate income tax du... Read More

The effective date of legislation requiring withholding from oil and gas proceeds from wells located in New Me... Read More

If any single payment is more than $10, the remitter must withhold. The remitter is not prohibited, however, f... Read More

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