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Anyone who engages in business in New Mexico must register with the Taxation and Revenue Department (TRD). We may make an exception if your business is exempt from gross receipts, withholding, or compensating tax by state law.

After registering you will receive a New Mexico tax identification number. Use this number to report and pay state and local option gross receipts tax, New Mexico withholding tax and compensating tax under the Combined Reporting System (CRS). Known as a CRS Identification Number, it is used to report and pay tax collected on gross receipts from business conducted in New Mexico.

How to Apply for a CRS Identification Number

We offer two ways to obtain a CRS identification number. You can submit an ACD-31015, Application for Business Tax Identification Number to any local tax office. For instructions on completing this form click here.  You can also apply for a CRS identification number online.

Any entity other than a sole proprietor/individual owner that does not have employees must obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). The IRS issues this number. To contact the IRS, call 1-800-829-4933, or go to FEIN.

There is no fee to register or obtain a CRS identification number. You can return your forms to any district tax office or register online and receive a CRS identification number immediately. Applications submitted by mail are processed within one to two weeks. We then mail the CRS identification number to you. Applications for CRS identification numbers are also available at many city, village and town halls around the state. Those offices can issue a CRS identification number immediately upon processing an application.

Oil and Gas

A person or business that produces, purchases and transports any of the products listed below must:

  • Contact the Energy Minerals and Natural Resources Department / Oil Conservation Division to obtain an Oil and Gas Reporting Identification Number (OGRID)
  • Contact the Taxation and Revenue Department to register as an Oil and Gas Tax Filer (this is different from a CRS identification number)

Individuals who are working interest owners or purchasers who are required to remit Oil and Gas taxes must:

  • Contact the Taxation and Revenue Department to register as an Oil and Gas Tax Filer (this is different from a CRS identification number)
  • No OGRID will be issued or required for new registrants commencing March 19, 2018.

The following products are taxable under Oil and Gas Production taxes:

  • oil
  • natural gas
  • liquid hydrocarbons
  • carbon dioxide
  • helium, or
  • other non-hydrocarbon gas.

A CRS identification number is not required for those who must pay withholding tax on oil or gas proceeds payments to nonresidents of New Mexico for wells located in this state. Pay those withholdings using RPD-41284, Quarterly Oil and Gas Proceeds Withholding Tax Return.


A corporation must obtain a CRS Identification Number if it has New Mexico gross receipts, withholding or compensating taxes to report. A corporation without liability for those taxes and is not required to obtain a CRS Identification Number may still be required to file a New Mexico corporate income and franchise tax return.

A corporation also must register with the Secretary of State's Office.


Gross Receipts Tax Rates Schedule
TRD local District Offices 

Or view more information at the Secretary of State's Office online.

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